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Food  & Prop Styling

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Healthy Cooking & Meal Planning

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My Story


Hi I'm Sarah Swain but some older clients may know me as Sarah Johnson. I have been based in New Zealand for the past 18 years. Prior to this I was UK born and spent the first half of my career working for some of the top UK publications as food editor and a regular external contributor to various publishing houses. 

My previous roles range from food editor of the UK 'Asda Magazine' where I controlled the food editorial content yet enjoyed the hands on production of the food styling and art direction.

Early in my career I was the food editor for Slimming Magazine with Emap publishing, whilst in tandem launched and edited 'Cooking Light' magazine.

After leaving Publicis ( Asda Magazine publishers ) I became the food editor of 'Family Circle'.

Keen to follow the course of an external consultant and contributor I worked on such publications as, House & Gardens, Prima, whilst extending my skills into food styling for packaging through top London design agencies.

I have also been a guest speaker at the British Food Show alongside, Aldo Zilli, Carluccio.

Since emigrating to New Zealand my work path has seen me working on a broad spectrum of media. I have continued with my food writing, recipe creation and food styling, working for supermarket magazine titles, as well as a regular contributor to Healthy Food Guide.


Working with advertising agencies, I have food styled for TV ads for brands such as Tegal, Keri Juice and Inghams. On the promotional side I have produced brochures/booklets for Healtheries and Criscoes.


In terms of packaging I have food styled for clients such as Greggs, Inghams, Pams, Watties.

I have also enjoyed demonstrating for food shows for client products.

Entertaining people with my cooking has always been an underlying passion of mine and in the past I have enjoyed cooking for the disadvantaged and on a commercial level I spent two years as a cook for a London based nursery preparing food for over 70 children and staff. The menus, were devised and prepared by myself with consideration for special dietary needs and allowing for allergies and health issues. This allowed me to apply my extended knowledge of healthy eating.

Most recently I have embarked on an exciting new venture 'Sarah's Shortbread'. For over a decade I have been making shortbread for family, friends and the obligatory plate for my tennis matches. I have long desired to turn my delicious shortbread into a commercial venture and now the time is right.


If you want to know more go to the Shortbread page on the website.

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